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In which I should really be working on N/A’s re-design and...

Essays in atmospheric perspective

Sketch for Zazie

Sketch for Zazie

Sketch for a departing coworker.



Poet Matthew Zapruder reading at the Squaw Valley Writers...

New pen

Sketch: Sitka’s pre-ballet class

Meeting doodle

Sitka. Sketch.


"Only American audiences ask me, “What should I do?” I’m never asked this in third world. When you go..."

nickkahler: Bernard Tschumi, Advertisement for Architecture,...

"Arguably, the act of memory is an act of fiction."

laurennmcc: seblester: For that monumental carved-in-stone...

In which I discover that ballpoint pens are awesome

A preview of what is to come in the next issue of N/A

Okay, this is a terrible notebook.