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Quiz Time

The new flim forum antho has a name ...

an addendum


In which françois switches to a personal narrative mode ...

A sad story

Mike Huckabee is a nutjob

50 Cents says:

from a.raw

Just received

Coming soon to the Tricycle

Claire Webb


Army of Clowns Disrupt CIA Recruitment Session at UCSB


Botched attempt at a graphic poem

Dear Americans

From the New York Times

Joolz Denby's new novel

How My Apartment Was Turned Into An Art Gallery

For John

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Petition for cipM (Via Jerrold)

What you missed on Saturday

Nothing new really

Bullshit comparisons I've read recently

Found on the interwebs

More Francisco Faria: Fimbriae Series

Milo Manara

Speculative Lyric


Further Considerations of Mathews' Algorithm Applied to Comics

Mathews' Algorithm

from Johannes

New Model Army US Tour Cancelled

In conversation during a cigarette break

From The Onion

blowfish #1 preview


Sakkis found this ...

Red rock ring


I hear it's coming soon

SF Jazz Fest

Things I've started working on ...

From Johannes (and thus, also from Joyelle)

The roommate's words of wisdom


This Wednesday


8 Random Facts Meme