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"Nah, I’m Aortenbogen"

Tac au tac (1972): Jean Giraud (Moebius/Gir) et Hugo Pratt...

Soft architecture as marker of who has been evicted.

Ballpoint pen sketch

sassy-gay-justice: janekburza: if you ever feel bad about your...

I learned quite a lot from the poems included in this book, and...

Doodle. Learning to be loose.


Et maintenant, pour quelque chose de bête et méchant....

9emeart: Corto Pratt

#CharlieHebdo, c’était aussi Elsa Cayat.

To those who heard the name "Charlie Hebdo" today for the very first time

davidmarquez: #JeSuisCharlie

Cabu (1939 - 2015) I could never draw like Cabu. The ease he...

"The legacy of anti-Black racism is that Black struggle gets deemed the property of all other social..."

Quick sketches at the library