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Sketch from LA trip

Pose studies

staininyourbrain: admiral-yousmator: You know what really gets...

Of course today should be the day I forget my ruler, eraser and...

Back to work

Now reading

azertip: René Gruau


Almost daily sketch

animationforce: The official English trailer for Studio...

MFA Mixer Aug 2014 at the Cat Club, for the Symposium From...


Another page down. For more to go.

Panel redone


"An eruption from the Bárðarbunga volcanic system would endanger many of Iceland’s hydroelectric..."

Lefebvre on the Situationists: An Interview

Another page waiting to be finished

I was told this was non-photo blue.

jeandonnelly: Etel Adnan

Panel replacement

kohenari: The photos and information coming out of Ferguson, MO...


Daily sketches

Redoing a panel

toastyhat: rah-bop: There are few things more glorious than a...

Speaking of phone poles, another detail.

Graphic poem panel detail

stele3: Ferguson Police have dogs and shotguns. The unarmed...

Page detail from the BD-poème.

Page detail

Daily sketch

Beginning work

Received last week: the beautiful A440 – a fairy tale, by...

Daily sketch

Daily sketch

Daily sketches

Daily sketch

Daily sketch

poetryandcomics: From Issue 8 of Poetry and Comics - view the...