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kohenari: Let’s say you’ve decided that you definitely want a...

9emeart: Corto Maltese est curieux… Hugo Pratt

Study for the next set of 6 pages of the graphic poem.


fuckyeahvintageillustration: 'Peer Gynt - a dramatic poem' by...

Graphic poem, page 04, detail. Yay! I am done with this set!

brianmichaelbendis: The Doctors by Kevin Maquire

Home stretch of the #graphicpoem

Graphic poem, page 05, detail

snpsnpsnp: Discourse Sucks, by Sam McKinniss

Jacqueline Risset, The Translation Begins, tr. Jennifer Moxley.

Graphic poem, page 03, panel 05. Ink on paper, scanned, colors...

Momentum, your name is written in India ink!

Graphic poem, page in progress, non-photographic blue.

Graphic poem, detail.

katedrwecka: Big time inspiration: Hugo Pratt.A page from Corto...

Page 6 colored and lettered.

To the scanner!

So this is why it’s called “non-photographic...