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Chiharu Shiota 塩田千春 (b.1972, Japan)

Chiharu Shiota is a Japanese performance and installation artist best known for creating room-filling, monumental yet delicate, poetic environments. Central to the artist’s work are the themes of remembrance and oblivion, dreaming and sleeping, traces of the past and childhood, and dealing with anxieties. Shiota finds diverse visual expressions for these subject matters, the most celebrated being impenetrable installations made of black thread which often enclose various household and everyday, personal objects: a burnt-out piano, a wedding dress, a lady’s mackintosh, sometimes even the sleeping artist herself.

Chiharu Shiota belongs to a generation of young artists who have gained international attention in recent years for body-related art. Her education at German art schools with Marina Abramovic from 1996 provides a key to her pictorial language that is unmistakably oriented around the artistic solutions of the performance and installation art of the 1970s. Marina Abramovic along with Ana Mendieta, Janine Antoni, Louise Bourgeois, Carolee Schneemann, and Rebecca Horn, are the forerunners of the performative installation art on which Shiota’s pictorial language builds. (src. ARNDT)

Chiharu Shiota takes part in Louis Vuitton new group show, Le fil rouge (the red thread), at Espaces Louis Vuitton in Paris till May 3, 2015. © All images courtesy of the artist

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