tribeslikeours: il penseroso and l’allegro: inverted and dubbed  Hence sordid bullshit, leave me...


il penseroso and l’allegro: inverted and dubbed
Hence sordid bullshit, leave me the fuck alone,
with my milton and my dickinson
with my browning and my keats
with my quilless pen and my yeats - nothing
rhymes anymore, yet it is possible to master
to make it neat, when allaroundyou is the disaster
of soul on soul gone bad, rotten or rotting
from the edges on in. Let me suffer
friendless and forlorn, let me toil and toll
that bell for me alone, I don’t need any
charity. I only need and empty space to rest in.

Hence seriousness and melancholy
who couldn’t use a little late in the millennium folly
at this latedateandtime - I’ve been furrowing my brow
too long now, I need a little rap a little weed any some
to relived me of this form this world where men just fucking sit 
     and moan
admit you are insignificant (magnificant) and all alone
and move on, young man, cause you’re a drag 
to be around, despite your quaint acerbic wit, you lag
behind the times, go pump some iron or somecunt,
there is still honey to be tasted, and look at you, you’ve
     already wasted
a lot (two words) of your heavenly earthly time. I’ll not waste
I’ll yet learn to (fuck and) sing.

                         - Olena Kalytiak Davis, from shattered sonnets love cards and other off and back handed importunities

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