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Some cartoons he does every now and again. Bless him for his humor and ability to call out the messed up practices some studios have out there.



Disney Artist Spotlight: Floyd Norman

Floyd Norman for those that don’t know was a Disney artist (he worked both in story and animation) that worked on many of the classic hit films from it’s Silver age of Animation. And was the first African American Animator over at the Walt Disney Company being hired for Sleeping Beauty back in 1959. He has worked on such films like Sleeping Beauty, The Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood, 101 Dalmatians, Mary Poppins, and his most notable film The Jungle Book.  Story Artist, Animator, Clean up Artist, Writer, he has done it all! That is just the work he has done for the Disney company to which to this day he still works from time to time as a freelance consultant. He also contributed to Pixar films such as Monsters Inc, and Toy Story 2 as a storyboard artist.  Floyd has really had a huge effect on the animation industry as a whole and has been a huge part of it in a ton of fields. Seriously check out his Imdb page, he has really been everywhere! Today you can still find Floyd Norman over at his blog Floydnormancom, as a columnist over at Jim Hill Media and over at AfroKids

Wow, I never knew Disney had African American Animators back in the day. Being an African American myself this is something very special.

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