We know that some American poets have embraced the surface methods of OuLiPo (Harryette Mullen, among others) and surrealism (too many to count). But not 'pataphysics. Perhaps this is why I find more affinity with most of Canadian poetry than most of American poetry. Canadian poets seem more likely to flaunt their French poetic heritage (among others). The first poet I ever liked was Boris Vian, a member of the Collège de 'Pataphysique. And I heard of Georges Pérec's La disparition before I ever read Louis Aragon or Paul Eluard.

I guess you could blame Canada's bilingualism, which works, unlike what Republicans (who can't seem to grasp the concept of bilingualism) may claim.

Tom Tancredo and/or George W. Bush as the missing link between the ourang-outang and homo sapiens sapiens? I'm not trying to insult the intelligence of our evolutionary cousins.

Yes, I like taking shots at Republicans. It's better than feel depressed.
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