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San Francisco
Thursday December 13
The Lab, 2948 16th Street
Doors 7:30pm, PWYC

Los Angeles
Saturday December 15
Betalevel (down alleyway at 963 N. Hill Street in Chinatown)
Doors 8PM,

To mark the release of his first Blocks Recording Club CD, The
Definitive Host, Toronto sound artist Brian Joseph Davis will be going
on a limited tour December 07 and early March 08.

The December dates includes stops in Los Angeles and San Francisco where
he’ll perform his sets with a laptop, doing a mix of work like 10 Banned
Albums Burned then Played and Five Boxsets Played On Fast Forward. He
closes this set with a Steve Reich-like phasing performance on 10 CD
players.It’s high-concept meets low-tech.

The Definitive Host collects three years of limited editions and
projects including “Eula” (Sony/BMG’s notorious End User License
agreement scored for choir), “Yesterduh” (a chorus of people trying to
remember the words to “Yesterday”) as well as Minima Moralia (a punk 7
inch based on the writings of Theodor Adorno) and 10 Banned Albums
Burned Then Played.


“Serious hilarity” - Frieze Magazine, on Minima Moralia

“Record of the Year…I bow in the presence of genius” -Alex Ross, The
Rest is Noise, on Minima Moralia

“[An] info-blizzard. Frail, but tenacious.” - Pitchfork on Greatest Hit

“Oddly haunting.” -, on Yesterduh
“Achingly beautiful.” Signal to Noise, on Yesterduh

Brian Joseph Davis is a Toronto-based sound artist and writer. He’s
created his recordings for art galleries, performances, his own popular
website and on handmade limited editions. Davis writes a column
for Arthur and he’s the author of the book Portable Altamont and the
recent novel about the SLA, I, Tania
Brian Joseph Davis
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