In which françois switches to a personal narrative mode ...

For our last seminar, an instructor (not telling you which one, but it should be easy, I only had two this semester) informed me that dismissing the return to formalism in contemporary American poetry (i.e., what gets published in Poetry Magazine), I was akin to dismissing a chunk of the electromagnetic spectru (okay, she might have said the visible spectrum). It would be as if I decided not to consider green or blue (both of which are boring anyway).

Fair enough, the metaphor is both apt and fallacious. Apt, because formalism in all its glorious boringness, represents only a small fraction of what is possible in poetry. Fallacious, because the visible spectrum only represents a small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, so why bother with only a small fraction of the possible. I'd rather play with X-rays than with red or green. Red and green are kinda boring actually.

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