I bought a box of condoms today.* It costed me 5 dollars for three condoms. That's $1.66 per condom.

I attended a party full of liberal hipsters this weekend. There were talks about why low-income people had so many children when they couldn't afford them. Religion and education were pointed at, but not the obvious.

The federal minimum wage is $5.75, $9.16 in California.

France has a rather low fertility rate at most economic levels. I suspect it is the same for other European countries. At the time I left, condoms were 1 franc. This is the fifth of a dollars. No, less (at the time I left, the dollar was at 5.25 francs).

The issue is of course highly political.

The American Congress has just authorized more money for abstinence-only sex education, while cutting on the State Children Health Insurance Program.

*Actually, I didn't buy it, but the price tag was staring me eye to eye.

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