Joolz Denby's new novel

From Joolz Denby:
Loathe as I am to hassle anyone about this, but if people could be bothered, could they please be-Friend the Myspace for 'Wild Thing'? It's:

Also if you re-post this to as many Friends as you can that would be lovely, but don't feel obliged.

Increasing 'Wild Thing's' Friend list may help me persuade the deeply conservative UK publishing community that not all books should be about cooking/glamour model's dubious lives/footballer's boring lives/the Knights Templar/Yummy Mummies In Surrey/Not Very Dangerous Things For Boys To Do In A Faux-Thirties Styleee. Or gardening.

I once asked the large corporate publishing house I was signed to at the time to consider doing promotion for my novel at Glastonbury Festival, the UK's biggest music/Arts festival. They refused, replying: 'those people don't read'.

But you do, don't you?

Joolz is also known for her affiliation with English rock band New Model Army, for which she did (and still does) album artwork.
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