New Model Army US Tour Cancelled

VISAS Denied. North American tour cancelled.

We have regrettably been forced to cancel the North American tour that was due to start this week. The US Citizenship and Immigration Service have denied the visas that the band require to travel to the USA and so until this matter is resolved all shows are on hold.

The band and management are extremely disappointed by this result as the tour was destined to be one of the greats. The new album is out, there is media attention in every city and the expectations are (were) high from the thousands of fans who had bought advance tickets.

The dates will be re-booked once the Immigration situation is resolved. In the meantime, ticket refunds are available from the point of purchase.

This obviously irritates me quite a bit. From what I understand, last time New Model Army were denied traveling visas, they didn't come to the States for 10 years. Of course, I was living in France at the time, so it did not really affect me.

Idiotic Republicans and stupid Citizenship & Immigration Services ...

Addendum 9/5/07 1:18PM Revere Radio Network has more details on the visa denial of New Model Army.

The official reason for this was due to their name, the word "Army" apparently raising some manufactured red flag. The State Department literally stated "they may incite terrorism."

While it is well known that New Model Army has always had socio-politically driven lyrics and themes, they have never once incited violence towards anyone. Indeed, while quite intellectually provoking, their lyrics might be considered tame by many people's standards when compared to any number of wildly popular, multi-million dollar, platinum selling artists actually residing in the U.S.

You know, I had joked privately that Republicans didn't know jack shit about history, except for the Lifetime (rose colored) version.
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